Anchor Rock Foundation Inc.

Anchor Rock Foundation

We are a small, faith-based 501.c.3 charitable foundation located on the shores of Southwest Michigan and established in December of 2019. The vision for the foundation is to change the world in the best ways we can, starting with filling niches and gaps in existing government and charitable private agencies to help meet fundamental needs for vulnerable groups. The big plan is to address housing, employment and job skills training and services in new ways in supportive communities. Our primary focus is on serving disabled veterans, seniors who are caught between their own private residences and retirement communities/facilities, adults with special needs and adults returning to mainstream society and the workforce for various reasons. It’s a huge vision, and as a new agency, we realize that we have to build our programs carefully over time, following the direction we receive in faith.

COVID-19 - What Are We Doing Now And Why?

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